What do your tank truck transport services include?

We offer you a complete supplier-client service. This means carrying out all loading-unloading operations, providing our own compressors, pumps – couplings – hoses in the two points, adapted to the transported goods and to the loading/unloading installations.

Do you also provide storage services?

Yes, we also provide storage services in fixed storage tanks, having available rental tank trucks for a fixed term, in stationary mode.

Can I rent a tank?

Yes, you can rent a tank from our fleet for a fixed term of 2 months, with a (negotiable) daily rate, plus insurance.

Can I track the route of a transport in real time?

Yes, you can track the route of your transport through our GPS application.

How can I obtain the specifications of trucks from the fleet, so as to make the right decision?

In order to receive all the details, all you have to do is contact us here

Do you also do large and very large transport?

Yes, please send us here the specifications you need so that we can provide you with a customized quote.

What is the cost of transport and/or rental services?

The cost of transport is negotiated according to destinations and the rates can be determined through contract, per km or per route. There can be fixed rates for a certain route or for a period of time and there can also be spot prices for each transport.

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